Coinslayer 4



Coinless is a Car Wash App that enables your customers to start a wash without having to get out of their car, touch the pay station or even put the window down.

Coinless is also much more than just an App. It has a whole Operator Dashboard to help you monitor your business and profit, contact customers, run a Wash Club, Loyalty Program or a Fleet Account, but most importantly Coinless will help grow your business.


* Can operate 4 functions from one device.

* Can be used for activating up to 4 different wash programs on one automatic. (One unit is required per Automatic).

* Can also be used to operate 4 Self-Serve bays or 4 vacuums, provided they are wired back to one central location. 

Click here to view 'Meet the makers and App demo Zoom meeting' - Tuesday 5th May 2020

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